Improve the overall well-being of your employees

Integrating sport into your business has become an effective solution for optimising your employees’ health. In addition, physical activity in a company setting improves the business’ competitiveness and attractiveness. Sport promotes well-being and greatly improves group cooperation and cohesion. Whether through team building activities or group sports activities, we offer you the right solution for your business!

Build a winning team through sports

The Team Building solutions proposed by the Coque consist in planning and doing mainly fun and sporty activities intended to develop or create skills within a group, as well as improve working conditions and cohesion. They are also aimed at getting to know yourself and/or your colleagues better outside of a corporate setting, improve or create links, develop a sense of attachment to the team or the company, promote group work, or ease conflicts. Team building works on three main areas:

  • group cohesion: improves cooperation between your employees
  • teaches you to surpass yourself and improve confidence
  • strengthens ties and eases tensions between employees

Improve the cooperation between your employees

The sports activities offered by our teams encourage participants to put their heads together and pool their physical abilities to realise that playing as a group gets better results than playing individually. The advantage of group sports activities is that it fosters a shared experience, outside the formal setting of work. Your team comes out more united, and its members will be more understanding and more respectful of each other's abilities and skills.

The methodology of most activities proposed in this category is based on solving a common problem through a common pathway.

  • Spider web game
  • Acrosports
  • Waiters’ race

Exceed your personal limits

Through competition-based group activities, participants are led to excel both individually and collectively while accomplishing the set task.
Advantage: By becoming aware of the necessary interactions and everyone’s individual responsibility, the participants seek to give the best of themselves and to overcome certain barriers or blockages.

  • Climbing Wall / Work in pairs mainly (safety self-reliance)
  • Diving workshop / 1, 3, 5, 7.5 and 10 metres
  • Trampoline / With safety provided by the group
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